8 Must Do's Every Time You Travel

8 Must Do's Every Time You Travel

Every travel destination has its own uniqueness. Even then there are certain things that you could try to make things even better. Whether you pack solo or in a group, adding a fun element to travel will only make it more enjoyable.

While the tag of wandering without any plans sounds all nice, it is always good to do a little bit to research to prepare ourselves with what to expect. You don’t need a perfect, but a general idea could help you save time and energy on your travel days.  It will help you to decide the dates for your travel and things to do before traveling abroad.

1. Check for regional festivals and public holidays

chinese new year festival travel

A huge part of traveling to new places is to revel in the local culture and lifestyle. It is an added bonus if you get to see the local festivals and take part in the celebrations too. Few such festivals have international famed like the Tomatina festival in Spain and Chinese New Year.

But you never know, what colorful festivals are there in the place where you are going. So check out the festivals and if possible try to go during that time. After all, you do not want to miss on a beautiful fun fest by a day or two.

Again, keep an eye out for the prominent public holidays. In one case there will be price hikes for transportation and accommodation. On the other hand, everything might be closed, and you will be welcomed by closed shop fronts. Finding out the holidays and their effect will help you get the cheap international flights to the destination.

2. Check the weather

travel weatherHaving accurate knowledge of the weather is essential right from packing. It will influence how long you stay, the clothes you want to pack and even the activities you can do.

Many countries have seasonal changes whereas in many countries its sunny year round. So knowing what to expect will help you pack the right clothes and plan your activities likewise. It will also help you avoid getting your plans spoiled by rain.


3. Read travel blogs!

If you don't mind spoiler alerts, make a note to read travel blogs as one of the things to do before you travel. Learning about different people’s personal experiences will help you in a lot of ways to plan your trip. It could help you plan your itinerary and even read about a few exciting places which you would not have found by yourself.

You will also get first-hand reviews about hotels and restaurants. Now with social network influencers, you might even be able to access codes and coupons for many places if you follow them.

4. Try multiple locations

countryside travel

If you plan to cover a country, we suggest to not just stay in just the capital.  Every country has different landscapes that change between regions. You should get away from the prime tourist spots to get the sense and feel of the place.

You don't even have to get so far away to do that. There will be spots just a few hours that would probably pass for a day trip. When you go to such places, the food gets more authentic, and the weather would also be different. It would also add another shade to your whole trip.

5. Start a conversation with a Local

talk to locals travelingIt is actually a lot easier than you would think. All you have to do is just go ahead and start a conversation. Locals are a lot friendlier than you would expect them to be. In many places, you would even find them offering help with your luggage.

A small conversation would get you some inside tips of the place and might be some few interesting places which you might not have noticed otherwise. Who knows you might even get a friend for life!


6. Use Public Transportation

public transport tram

It is always easier and cheaper to use the public transportation rather than booking a cab. It is in these public places that you will find the character of the city. The metro stations may even entertain you with some live performances and artworks.

There are also more chances of you getting familiar with the language and daily life of the locals. There is also an absolute thrill in figuring out the routes by yourself, using the maps and finding the right trains and buses. Now with Google maps, things are much easier if you don't want to ask someone for directions.

7. Go on a vacation within a vacation

If you have few days to spare, you could take a getaway on your holiday itself. Just take a day trip or a weekend getaway to a nearby attraction. You could even rent a car and drive out to such places. It will also break your routine of travel and add to the excitement of the trip.

For examples, in tropical areas, there are many tiny islands that would just take a boat ride to reach. Even you are already on one, just making a small trip to a new place will add a feeling of freshness to your entire trip.

8. Capture the Moments

travel photographyIf you love photography packing your camera would be the first on your list of things to do before traveling. There is no need to stress on this point explicitly. With the stories and selfies, everyone feed is flooded with travel stories.

If something has to be mentioned, it should only be not to get obsessed with capturing pictures that you forget to get the experience for real.

But always take pictures so that years down the line, it will help you recreating all your memories.

On the same note of things to do before you travel, don't forget to pack your travel first aid kit and get yourself a travel insurance.

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