Three European Cities to Visit in Winter

While the winter may have you wanting to head to warmer climates, think twice and imagine walking down snow-covered cobblestone roads and past towering medieval architecture, or look up to see the famous Northern Lights, or drive through winding roads, going from village to village to enjoy the sights. 

During the winter, the countless amazing European cities offers something for all who crave winter travel- from beaches with mild weather, Old World and modern architecture, along with countless landmarks, museums, and other attractions, all without the hassle of other tourists!


Sicily Italy visit

Starting with a European regions that has among the warmest climates in the winter, Sicily is in of the best destinations to go to. During the winter months, temperatures remain at a cool 48 to 53 degrees. The countryside also remains lush and verdant, making for beautiful road trips for your take, preferably with a rental car. Travel through Sicily’s major cities and to its quaint villages in between.


Amsterdam travel visit

While not as warm as Sicily, Amsterdam makes up for its chill by offering something for every kind of traveling.  From a vibrant nightlife, excellent locales, as well as city that is overcome with rich history and culture, Amsterdam is among the few places guaranteed to be worth the trip no matter what time of year you go. Bike through its narrow streets, attend a 24-hour club, take a boat ride through the canals, and so much more.  Amsterdam is a city that is both wild and composed, historic and modern, never too much of one or the other, but still a great place to go this winter. 


Reykjavik travel visit

One city that everyone should visit! There are few other areas in the world where you can visit both a beautiful Northern European city and see the world-famous Northern Lights.  Besides taking a trip to see that once-in-a-lifetime-sight (which can only be seen during the winter, by the way!), there’s also a number of attractions, including geothermal pools, geysers, waterfalls, crater lakes, and national parks, as well as number of incredible restaurants, bars, museums, and shopping districts.  Both in its natural environment and city life, Reykjavik makes for the perfect winter destination. 

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