This is the Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets

Longing for a vacation in your dreams?  Stop putting it off due to the soaring airfare. All you need to know are a few tricks that could get you a terrific flight deal.

Now as we all know, the airlines have been holding to their little secrets as to when to buy flight tickets and what to look for. However, it might not be as simple as knowing the best time to buy flight tickets.

A variety of factors influence the timing, the location where you are booking from, where you are booking to and even the season. Many travel experts and fare comparison websites have been conducting studies and surveys on this.

With date carefully curated from all these researches, we are here to tell you the answer for the most searched question, what is the best time to buy airline tickets?

What is the best time to buy airline tickets?

What is the best time to buy airline tickets?

There has been a widely popular trend that Tuesdays are the best days to book tickets. But it doesn't always say which Tuesday or for which destination. And now, with many travelers trying to book on Tuesdays, the tables might have actually turned.

Now, according to experts, Sundays seem to be in more favor. As a general trick, and this is something we all know already; how many ever last minute flight deals are there, there are no ways that it could beat an Early bird deal. So the first tip is if you know the when and where do not wait any longer to get the flight booking confirmation.

If you are looking for weekend flight deals, then try to avoid leaving after 7 pm on Fridays, instead fly out actually on Saturday or Sunday. Even the red eye flights could get you a good deal, even if you arrive a little too early at the destination.

On an average, 70 days before flying seems to get a reasonably good deal on cheap international flights.

So keeping this in mind, let us scrutinize the best days to get cheap flight tickets a little more by season.

Winter Flights

Winter Flights

So winter is cold and damp, but that doesn’t make it any less appealing for traveling. There are those who try to escape winter by visiting the warmer lands and then there are those who want to embrace the cold in the even colder places.

But above all this, it is the holiday season. There are Thanksgiving and Christmas, and most of us even get paid to take the holidays. Whether you are visiting families to flying off to enjoy Christmas somewhere else, the season is in high demand for all the flight deals.

Then the New year is a whole different story.

When to book: At least 62 days in advance, yes you heard that right. So you will need to start planning for holidays in the fall.

Best Booking WIndow: 20- 110 days before the travel date.

It might seem like a long time to plan ahead, but it is the most demanding season of the year, and you might want to be the super early bird if cheap flights are your target.


Spring Flights

Spring Flights

So you might be thinking there are no significant holidays in this season, but precisely for the lack of demand, the airfare increases.

When to book: At least 90 days in advance.

Best Booking Window: 45-122 days before the travel date.


Summer Flights

Summer Flights

When it comes to travel, summer is the most popular season, especially if you are somewhere in the west. The highest fares are in July, and the lowest is in August and September.

When to book: At least 47 days in advance.

Best Booking Window: 14-160 days from travel date.

In summer, you might also want to keep an eye out for travel deals. Being the favorite season of travelers, there might be some exclusive summer sales happening. So follow the airline newsletters and travel deals to bag some surprisingly good deals.

Fall Flights

fall flights

Fall might be the season that favors cheap flight deals the most. While Thanksgiving still falls under it, you can still find great bargains for flights.

When to book: At least  69 days in advance.

Best Booking Window: 21-100 days before travel date.

Fall is a fairly safe time to travel, and weather in most places are pleasant, neither too hot or too cold. So you might want to consider Fall travel a lot more than you did in the past.

Booking Zones

Booking Zones

If you are still not sure about how the time you book actually works, this should give you a better idea of the different booking zones.

1. First Dibs: 6 - 11 months in advance

Yes, you can find flight deals for next year's winter this year itself. We are not exaggerating it, check and see for yourself, But it is not always that you get the best deals in this window, but you would get more options.

2. Best Dibs: 4 - 6 months in advance

This one might get you lower airfare than calling for the first dibs. By this time, more people are looking for flight and airlines have actually come up with sales and discounts. You can also find a more extensive selection of flights in this window.

3. Best Booking Window: 3 weeks - 4 months in advance

Looking for budget travel deals. This is your best window to get the lowest airfare. On average, the airfare could be within 5 % of the lowest price if tickets.

4. Try Your Luck: 2 - 3 weeks in advance

By now, most bargain deals are sold out and depending on your luck, and you might still be able to find a few choices. But the seats you prefer or the flight you want might not be available.

5. Risking it: 1- 2 weeks in advance

Prices are almost as high as it could get. If you don’t want to play with fire waiting for last minute flight deals, you might as well get a ticket at this time.

6. Gambling it: 0 - 6 days in advance

At this stage, it falls into the last minute category, and it is entirely up to your luck. In most cases, you will be paying the highest fare.

But if luck favors you, there might be some cancellation or the flight seats are vacant, and you might get a rip-off deal. Although, how often do you want to risk it?

So all in all, now you have a better picture of the best time to buy airline tickets. If you want to know more about how to get cheap airfare, go ahead and read it here at FareDepot. After that, also try your destination using the tips you learned and get the best international flights deals with us.