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Top 3 Hiking Destinations

Our top three hiking locations is just what you might be looking for on your next journey out of the country when booking very cheap international flights



With sixteen miles of dazzling Australian oceanside scenery, the Bay of Fires has a trail that gradients from white sand to red lichen covered boulders. And if you’re worried of feeling lonely, don’t worry! The Bay of Fires only permits groups to go on this gorgeous trek in a four day guided trek, so you’ll never feel alone.



This trek is an kaleidoscope of scenery as you make your ascend up the breathtaking Fitz Roy Massif. Along thirty-six miles of hiking, you’ll be treated to bountiful waterfalls, staggering monoliths of granite, impressive glaciers, and even rich plains. Our advice is to go at before dawn so you can see the sunrise hit the ridges just right.



If you’re looking for a challenge, Petra has just the hiking trail for you. Stretching to an impressive fifty miles, this middle eastern trek is no walk in the park for hikers beginning to advanced. Don’t be scared of the long journey though, the view is definitely worth the hike: Petra brags a trail of red and rocky terrains, remarkable gorges and ridge structure, and old temples and tombs that you wouldn’t find on any other hiking trip.


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