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Top 3 Things to Do in Nice

Top 3 Things to Do in Nice

Have you been dreaming of the ultimate escape to Nice? We can’t blame you, who doesn’t love beautiful architecture, delicious restaurants, and year-round sunshine. The attractions in this beautiful French city are endless, but check out the top three that you will not want to miss on your French adventure. Also, don’t forget to book your wholesale airfare to Nice today! 

Wholesale airfare to nice and top attractions


The Promenade Des Anglai

Enjoy a long stroll down the pebbly shore of Nice’s beach. This is the perfect spot to take in Nice’s beautiful climate and atmosphere. With views like this, you’ll be convincing yourself to stay in Nice just one more day.


Colline Du ChâTeau

Climbing the 300 feet of stairs is totally worth it when the end result is the best view of Nice. Don’t leave Nice without a visit to Colline du Château, this panorama view will not disappoint


Chagall Museum  

Stop by the Chagall Museum to experience surreal artwork and jaw-dropping stained glass. Also, the building itself is a gorgeous works of architecture. Don’t miss it!


Wholesale Airfare to Nice

One of the most important things that you need to know before your travel to Nice is that you can get there without spending a fortune. All you need to do in order to buy wholesale airfare to Nice is visit FareDepot online. From there, you can find all the discount flight, hotel, and travel deals you’ll need to guarantee your trip to Nice is both unforgettable and affordable. 


Wholesale airfare to Nice and best attractions?



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