Top 5 Places To Travel in 2017

Listen up! Holiday season is approaching quickly, which means you should start looking into scenic holiday hotspots to visit with your family and friends. Don’t worry, we saved you the trouble of researching these destinations with a list so enticing, you won’t know where to go first! 

5: Cambodia

With the humidity levels rather low during the holiday season, it is the perfect time of the year to visit Cambodia. The jungle temples of Angkor are breathtaking, but don’t be fooled, there is much more to see than just the country’s capital city. Cambodia has some of the most luxurious and relaxing spas in the world, mixing nature and beautiful architecture to create structures with a “Heaven on Earth” vibe. Spend some time visiting Tonle Sap Lake, where you will find a floating village and various floating forests which will revive your spirits and truly excite you during your travel experience!

4: New Zealand

If you’ve seen Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, you should be familiar with the exquisite ambiance and scenery New Zealand offers. Referred to as “Godzone”, or God’s own country, by the natives, New Zealand houses majestic natural wonders from spectacular beaches to snow capped mountains and ethereal forests. The country of Kiwis is a must visit for any true nature lover.

3: England

Imagine spending your holiday wandering Oxford Street, London’s most popular and upbeat shopping region, and just moments later finding yourself overlooking Parliament and Big Ben from the London Eye, an immense Ferris wheel delivering views of the entire capital city that will leave you awestruck and speechless. Sound like your kind of vacation? We thought so.

From the history, markets and pop up shops to the top-floor wine bars and pubs, London offers its visitors enough to explore to avoid even a moment of boredom. For a glimpse of present day pop-culture, be sure to experience a guided Harry Potter tour! Want to get out of the city? Spend a few days in Oxford, a small yet vivacious town with tons of shopping, food, pubs full of beer and plenty of beautiful sights to keep you and your travel companions busy!

2: Morocco

Morocco is a safe and attractive destination for your escape from winter snowstorms and ice covered roads. From the Sahara Desert to the Atlas Mountains, you can budget fares you will not run out of alluring sights to see in “the Athens of Africa” as it is regularly referred. A fascinating scene is being able to view the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea simultaneously. In Morocco, you will find the best of two worlds: the enchanting vibes Middle Eastern culture and the romantic European panache in the air.

1: France

There is nothing more glorious or fabulous in this world than visiting Paris, the City of Lights, during the holidays. Strolling the city surrounded by crisp winter air by the river Seine with flurries surrounding beautiful Parisian architecture, such as the Eiffel Tower - arguably the most well recognized structure in the world, is an experience everyone should have at least once. France offers much more than the City of Lights, however. Courchevel, located in the largest ski region in the world, is a must visit for those interested in taking a ski vacation. Beyond this, Christmas markets cover all of France, offering warm chestnuts and spicy wine to keep you nice and toasty whilst you wander the eccentric streets!


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