Top Affordable Travel Spots for 2018

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The main drawback to traveling is usually a monetary thing. In general, you're expected to save at least a couple thousand bucks to have a decent few days somewhere away from home. That's the general rule of thumb and on top of that, your travel destination plays a huge part in cost and expenses. For example, if you live in the States, there are countless of cheap flights and travel deals to South America and sometimes cheap flights to Europe. However, a trip to the Far East, somewhere like Thailand, could cost you an arm and a leg with several transits and hours lost to travel time.

Traveling smart is critical in maximizing your dollar and if you haven't been paying attention to country politics, culture, exchange rates, etc., you'll probably find a couple of hidden gems in this article that could persuade you to planning for a holiday ahead!

With discount flight sites like FareDepot that help you find cheap airfare, you're now able to find amazing travel deals and cheap flights to destinations that are affordable and attractive to visit.

Without further ado, here are some of the top cheap travel spots for 2018!

1. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Mexico has always been a great destination for cheap travel experiences. What makes Cabo San Lucas even more attractive this year is the numerous travel deals along with cheap flight options having increased at a considerable rate mid to late 2017. Southwest Airlines have even added a new service to Cabo departing from several California cities.

Why this year? Cabo San Lucas took on the opportunity of reinventing its look with hoteliers investing millions of dollars in 15 new properties that finally opened in 2018. With a jaw-dropping exchange rate of 19 to 1 pesos to dollars, you'll definitely be getting yourself one amazing travel bargain while enjoying the high life with the option to venture by boat to the Land’s End, the Lover’s and Divorce Beaches, and many more.

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2. Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

If you are a nature or snow lover, there is no better time than now to visit Banff National Park. The Canadian dollar is still at an incredibly cheap rate of around 25% lesser than what it was 5 years ago. With lift tickets to view the breathtaking Canadian Rockies for less than $80 US dollars, no slopes in Utah or Colorado come close to the price! Oh, and the winter slopes are amazing for any snow activities you may have had in mind!

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3. Banzai Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii

With United Airlines ramping up its services from mainland USA to all surrounding islands in the latter part of 2017, competition between major airlines have sparked. What this means for the avid traveler is a cheap fare of no more than $400 from the West Coast. Southwest Airlines has also made plans to expand its reach in Hawaii sometime in 2018.

Why Hawaii? Well, it's freaking Hawaii! Picture picturesque beaches that are remote enough to call your private beach, with jaw-dropping beauty that nature can give, plenty of sun to absorb, and the metropolitan Honolulu to bedazzle you away. So, if you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, Hawaii is the place to be.

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4. Sintra, Portugal

If there's one destination in Western Europe that is the place for budget holidays with the ambiance of the European delight, the award goes to Portugal. Unlike its neighboring countries such as Spain or Italy, Portugal hasn't seen the influx of crazy tourism bouts. With travel deals catering for a weeklong vacation priced at around $500, it's hard to say no to this European darling. To maximize on convenience, some airlines are introducing cheap flights that are direct to Portugal from Boston in springtime of 2018.

Why you should go? Cheap beers, beautiful shorelines, and one of the prominent historical places throughout Europe, there's always something to do for everyone from all walks of life.

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