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Top Belgrade Attractions

Belgrade City

Belgrade is quickly becoming one of Europe’s hottest capitals. Known to be the center of international festivals, this unique capital host more than 100 a year. Enjoy a stroll down the river banks, or one of the many unique attractions. Below are top must-see Belgrade attractions! Before you start planning your trip, don’t forget to purchase your very low fare air tickets to Belgrade!


Very Low Fare Air Tickets to Belgrade and top attractions

Belgrade Fortress

You are not going to want to miss this unique historic attraction in Belgrade! You will be pleasantly surprised how intact the fortress is. The location also includes a church, museum, and several parks.


Skadarlija Street 

Don’t miss a trip to Belgrade’s most famous street! Enjoy the bohemian atmosphere and vintage shops. It’s not uncommon to stumble upon a poetry reading or children’s theatre. Also, there are plenty of restaurants and outdoor cafes to enjoy as well.


Ada Cignalija

Enjoy some fun in the sun at Ada Ciganlija, an island that sits on a Sava River/Lake that runs through central Belgrade. Be ready to enjoy beautiful beaches and plenty of sports facilities. It also has forests that have plenty of wildlife. Keep an eye out for wild rabbits, deer, or foxes.


Very Low Fare Air Tickets to Belgrade

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                                              Very Low Fare Air Tickets to Belgrade and best attractions

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