Best Business Travel Hacks to Travel like a Pro

Business travels might seem exciting in the beginning. It is a break from your monotonous routine and 9 to 5 jobs. If you are someone who likes to travel, then it is even a great opportunity.

But all this glitz and glam might seem not so exciting if you do it more often. The journeys will start making you tired, and you would just want to get over it. But don’t let it reach that point. Follow these travel hacks to stay on top of the airport madness and nail your business travels like a pro.

1. Keep your Grab and Go Bag ready

Keep your Grab and Go Bag ready

Having to pack and unpack itself is a frustrating thing while traveling. If you are a frequent traveler, it would be best and easy for you to make a bag with all the necessary items. Create a travel packing checklist and have everything ready all the time. Keep a separate toiletry bag, with 3-ounce liquid bottles all in a ziplock, and all flight journey related things you might need. So all you would require is to wash and iron the clothes, and you are set to go.

2. Avoid Check-in Luggage

Avoid Check-in Luggage

The biggest hurdle and time-consuming part of any airport is to get in through the luggage check-ins. All you need for business travels unless it is for a really long duration is a carry-on. This saves you a lot of time, and it is just so much easier to just move around with it.

It is always suggested to invest in the best travel luggage, one that has compartments suited for your travel packing requirements and which keeps it neat inside. These days, the best business travel luggage even come with portable batteries to recharge electronics and separate laundry compartments.

3. Skip the lines

Skip the lines

Being a frequent flyer comes with its own benefits. Sign up with an airline to avail their Frequent Flyer Status; you can even set a target mile for yourself, so even flying would seem more fun. Top airline credit cards and loyalty programs give you access to premium lounges and priority check-ins. Having a membership means, you could also get a few bonus miles each time you are traveling depending on which status tier you belong to. There is nothing better than having a comfortable place to relax before the flight that could make for the best business travel.

4. Packing light and Pack Smart

Packing light and Pack Smart

As we touched upon earlier, it is best to stick to only one carry bag. So you have to pack smart that could get you through different events. Go for flexible outfits that could be mixed up. Always go for neutral colors that work well with others. For men, it is never wrong to get a good suit tailored. For women, a dress that can transition from work to drinks would work well for all occasions. This way, you don’t have to stuff up your bag with unnecessary “what if I need it” kind of stuff.

Also, carry an extra pair of sneakers or comfortable footwear that you can use in the gym or party.

Another key to packing right is not only the art of knowing what to pack but also how to pack it. Frequent travelers swear that rolling keeps clothes wrinkle-free than keeping them flat. If you go for synthetic materials that don't wrinkle, it is even better for this case. For button down cotton shirts, stacking them up is better.

5. Book Direct Flights 

Book Direct Flights 

If there are direct flights, always, always opt for that. Layovers, however short or long, could make you tired and frustrated. Also, try to avoid red-eye flights. The slight difference in the flight fare is not worth odd timings, especially when you are up for an important business meeting.

6. Air Travel Attire

Air Travel Attire

Unless you are going to a meeting directly, it is better to wear comfortable clothes for the flight. Always go for layers, as the temperature inside the flights and airports seem to fluctuate all the time. Go with deeper pockets, so you don’t have to reach out to the bag for phone and boarding pass.

7. Skip the Escalators 

Skip the Escalators 

There are only a few many people who climb the escalators, yes that is what you are supposed to do in them, not just stand there. Instead, burn a few calories by choosing the stairs, no you are not going to sweat through your shirt if you take a flight of stairs.

8. Avoid all Travel Gear 

Avoid all Travel Gear 

All the fancy travel gears, like travel mask and neck pillows, are totally unnecessary unless you have a real problem with your posture. A jacket could double up as a pillow if you want a nap and all these things would simply take more space to pack.

9. Prepare for the Weather

waterproof jacket

Do a quick check on the weather forecast for your destination; you might need a waterproof jacket or don’t need one. An umbrella could make all the difference in your mood even if you are welcomed with pouring rain or even worse, snow.

10. Prepare for Jet Lag 

Prepare for Jet Lag 

Coffee might keep your spirits up, but it is advised to avoid caffeine and alcohol on the plane. This could disrupt your sleep, and you will land all googly eyes. Drink a lot of water, even if it means that you have to use the toilet multiple times.

11. Try to Squeeze in a Local Attraction 

Try to Squeeze in a Local Attraction 

If you have the time, don't just get comfy in your hotel room. Get out and explore the place. You are one of those people, who get to go to different places, all expenses paid. So make use of it and add a little bit of travel wonder to the business travel in you.


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