Best Budget Travel Tips for Europe

A trip to Europe is on almost every bucket list. Whether it is for the Eiffel Tower or the ancient Roman ruins or a walk along the Amsterdam canals, there might be at least one place you wanted to go

A European trip is not just about sightseeing; the culture, the food, and the language all make up for an exquisite package.

But one of the top reasons people put off traveling to Europe is because of the expenses. But we are here to say that with a little careful planning, anyone can pull off Europe travel under a budget. So take a look at our best travel tips for Europe, that could help you strike off all those fantastic places off your bucket list.

1. Start with finding the Cheap Flights to Europe

Start with finding the Cheap Flights to Europe

The first thing to take care of would be the flights. If you get a good deal on flights to Europe, that itself could make a lot of difference in your travel expenses. The right windows would be at least six months before your trip. International flights increase the price of tickets as seats fill up and you would want to grab your early.

Use flight comparison websites like FareDepot to get an overview of the prices. The website offers great deals on cheap flights to Europe. Even for lastminute flights and business flights,  you can find an incredible deal off them.

Now if you haven't planned the itinerary completely, refrain from booking a round trip. For one thing, you might be departing from another country.  If you are traveling within Europe in flights itself, you would want to look for the cheap days to adjust your travel dates accordingly. Wait till you have made at least a rough plan of where all you want to visit and from which country you would be returning.

2. Avoid Peak Seasons

Avoid Peak Seasons

Well, summer in Europe is a bit of cliche now right? Shoulder seasons are now in trend when the crowd subsides, and the streets are left free for great photos. Plus, it is one of the best ways to control your expenses. Everything is costly, even a cup of coffee.

So why not try winter, early spring or even autumn in Europe. It is still fun but with more left for you to enjoy. Avoid holiday seasons and summer as you will literally have to fight with every other traveler for good Europe travel deals.

3. Choose Cheaper Destinations

Choose Cheaper Destinations

So now that you have decided to take the leap to Europe finally, the next thing is to choose which palaces to cover. Obviously, there would be places you have always wanted to go. However, there are many amazing countries in Europe other than Paris, Italy, and Spain. Take a look at the more affordable options that are on the rise. Baltic countries like Latvia, Estonia, and then Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland are all exceptional choices. They are not always brimming with tourists and will give you a lot of authentic cultural experiences at much lower rates.

4. Get Finances in Order

Credit cards

Credit cards and bank cards work alright, but in Europe, some loose currency would be very convenient too. Many small shops prefer currency than bank cards. Especially if you are boarding a bus all of a sudden without a ticket already, lose money would be your only option.

What you shouldn't do is wait till you reach the airport to get the currency exchanged. The “No commission” signs are just a way to take your attention away from the meager rates they offer. If you forget to do it beforehand, then do it from someplace in Europe other than the airport. Remember to get the money in smaller denominations.  

For credit cards, ensure that the bank knows you are traveling and that the ban card comes with no foreign transaction fees.

5. Update your Cellular Plan

Cellular Plan

There are two ways to go about the cellular plan. First one, you can contact your service provider to upgrade your plan with a roaming option. This should also cover the cellular data roaming, as you might not have wifi access everywhere.

If you are fine with switching to another number for a few days, the cheaper option is to get a sim card from Europe itself. You can put a plan to have the same services across all countries in Europe, and you will not have to pay for roaming charges. Today, you can reach anyone from Whatsapp or other social media networks without having to change the phone number anyway.

6. Avoid Taxis


Transportation is one of the biggest expenses for any budget traveler. Europe has a well-integrated public transport system. Mostly, there would be an airport shuttle that can take you to the city. Be sure to check the timings. If its a train, in a few ones, you might also need to book tickets beforehand.

For those who are not keen on walking around with luggage to find the hotel, the next best way would be to prebook a taxi. There would be prepaid taxi options that are cheaper than hailing a cab from the airport.

7. Do not Hop in the Red Bus

Red Bus

The big double-decker Hop on, Hop Off Red Buses that apparently goes everywhere and takes you to every destination might seem very tempting.  But it is one of the costliest ways to see Europe and to be honest, not worth it too. The best option is to use local transportation; buses, metro or even bicycle. Then there is always walking along the cobblestones and taking in the city as you go.

8. Traveling Within Europe


It is a pleasure to travel within Europe, the sights and landscape are mesmerizing. Europe has a few budget travel airlines. If you know the dates beforehand and is short of time, then it would b best to book in these budget airlines. Take a look at the budget airlines in Europe and how to bag deals from them.

If you have a little more time to spare then Eurail is definitely the right way to see Europe. There are global passes and country passes, that you can pick depending on how you are traveling. It will also come with many sales and discounts in all seasons too. If you are a resident of Europe, then you can go to the Interrail.

9. Be prepared for Budget Flights


We did say that budget flights are cheaper, but it means that for anything else other than the ticket, including checked luggage, you will have to pay extra. Also, in-flight meals tend to be very expensive. Be prepared with your own snacks from the airport itself or load up on some from the local supermarkets. These budget airline tips will help you anywhere you go.

10. Plan Activities

Plan Activities

While spontaneity holds a big appeal, a little bit of planning could go a long way to save money. You do not have to hit every museum and every attraction. Many sites in Europe also offer free entry once every month. If you can plan your trips around these days, you can avoid paying a hefty price for entry tickets.

11. Eat on a Budget

Eat on a Budget

A big part of traveling is to savor the local food. But if you are looking for Europe travel tips, most of them will also tell you that food is costly. Everyone would want to sit by a cafe and look out to Eiffel tower, but keep in mind that such touristy spots are extremely expensive and even overrated. Instead, avoid spots near the tourist area, and look for hidden gems locally.

You can also avoid having every meal from a restaurant. Supermarkets also sell local food and at much lower rates. You can make a quick sandwich or even stick to fruits for a few meals. If you are staying in an Airbnb or a hostel with a small pantry, then you can whip up something really quick too.

12. Share Rides


Sharing a ride with a stranger is a common thing in Europe. If you did not plan your travel options, then download apps like Blablacar and look if someone else is going the same way. The travel time might be longer, but it is much affordable than any other means.

13. Stay near the City Center


A common mistake while looking for budget accommodation is to look only at the rates. You have to remember that even if the accommodation is cheap if it is far from the city center, you might be spending more on transportation. Many cities in Europe are walkable if you stay at the right spot. It will also be in the middle of all the buzz that you will not miss anything. You can stay out as late as you want without worrying about catching the last bus to train to the outskirts. Also, it would be closer to the railway station or to catch the airport shuttle.

There you have all the essential budget travel tips from how to find cheap flights to Europe to how to spend time in Europe. Do not forget to look at flight rates right away from our website itself.