8 Essential Travel Tips for Tel Aviv Israel

The cultural shock is a part of travel that is equally exciting and daunting. Tel Aviv Israel has the whole spectrum of changes in every way including food to the dressing style. So if you have booked cheap flights to Israel or looking to make a trip there, a few tips on how to survive would be a lot useful.


1. Break Bread with the Locals

Tel Aviv Israel

Sharing a meal is the quickest way to become friends with anyone. It is one of the exciting things to do in Tel Aviv, to get yourself invited to share a meal with the locals. It gives an insight into the raw ways of living, the traditions and above all, some authentic food. If you are feeling awkward about this, let us tell you that there are many meal services that enable such experiences like the Nat Flat Supper Club, EatWIth, and Betzavta. So if there are websites, that should mean this is encouraged, so feel free to make a meal appointment could lead to lifelong friendships.


2. Using the Transportation System

Tel Aviv Israel

It might be a little difficult in the beginning to get the knack of using the public transportation system in Tel Aviv. As connected as it is, it would still be challenging to find out where you have to get down or which bus to take. You can resort to the public transit app Moovit or Google Maps to help you out with the same. Or else, just ask politely to any local member or even the bus driver to inform you when your stop arrives. It is all a part of the cultural experience.

Also, avoid public transportation on Thursday evenings and Sunday morning. These are the times when soldiers go home or return to the base. They can ride public transportation for free, and the buses would be really crowded. Public transport will also come to a halt during sabbath from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening. Try to find out from online websites of railways and buses, when is the last bus, so you won’t find yourself trapped anywhere.


3. The Fundamentals

Tel Aviv Israel

Israel Tel Aviv is reasonably developed. Even then there is a misconception about the lack of connectivity from the country as getting a local sim card is expensive. It is not; you might have to pay $20 from a carrier shop but spending that much is better than walking around without the internet.

Also, carry one or two rolls of toilet paper and hand sanitizer everywhere you go. Not all public restrooms might provide the same. It is only fair to expect the worst especially if you are going to remote locations like national parks.


4. Take your Time with the Coffee

coffee shop israel

Europeans have made a  mere activity of drinking coffee an art. The same has rubbed off on Israel too. Here, enjoying a cup of local coffee is a leisure experience. All you have to do is go to a cafe and order your coffee, but take your time enjoying it, whether you read a book or just sit and people watch.

However, coffee is a little different in Israel. You might want to familiarise yourself with the name before you order something. Hafuch is the most common cup you will come across with a strong espresso topped with warm milk. The Cafe Shachor is the black coffee, Turkish or Arabic. This is the ultra strong coffee laced with cardamom. Then there is the Iced and cold coffee that would be the ultimate welcome drink for the summer heat. Te nana is the quintessential Israeli version of hot tea.


5. Relish the Local Food Scene

Tel Aviv Israel

The integral part of the Israel Tel Aviv is the fascinating array of food choices they celebrate food there, and you will come across many open-air markets selling fresh food every day. It comes highly recommended to try the selection of amazing exotic fruits. Start a conversation with the vendor and ask all about how to use the vegetable, and where you can find dishes made from it. The date varieties, strawberries, cherry tomato, many kinds of pepper are all colorful and demands attention from travelers. Relish the tastes, and you will often find yourself heading to these local markets than the restaurants.


6. Avoid Tour Packages in the City

Eretz Israel Museum

While it is a good choice to go for tour packages for remote areas, Tel Aviv could be enjoyed pretty much with good internet and a little preparation. Stroll along the Rothschild Boulevard, learn a bit of history at the Eretz Israel Museum and appreciate art at the Tel Aviv Museum of art. Get the tickets beforehand and make an itinerary about your days there before you intend to travel.


7. Local Customs

Tel Aviv Israel

Earlier we mentioned having lunch with locals. It is a common custom in Israel to bring some gift to the hostess like in all parts of the world. It could be anything from flowers, bakery items to a nice boutique Israeli wine.

Remember to tip the waiter between 10 to 12 percent, or more if you would prefer.  There is no standard practice of giving tips to taxi drivers in the city though.


8. Explore Israel a little Further

Tel Aviv Israel

Tel Aviv is absolutely amazing. But Israel is much more than that. It would be great if you could plan for a trip a little longer and explore the other parts of the country too. On the same note, it is suggested to go through a travel agency to venture out on a backcountry trek or a camel ride.

If you are traveling to remote locations, even to the Dead Sea, stock with some snacks from Tel Aviv itself, not every place will have the kind of food you are hoping for.

Israel is a very amusing country. It is rich in culture and will fascinate you in many ways. If you feel enticed already, look for cheap flights to Tel Aviv airport from Faredepot itself. After all, we budget fares that you cannot find better deals for international flights elsewhere.