Best Airports in the US or Travelling with Kids

Many of us have put off traveling with family considering the many hurdles that come with it. Right from finding the best places to travel with kids and actually having to handle everything right from the airport to your destination, it is a never-ending array of deep sighs, cries, and smiles.

But with these airports in the US things have gotten a lot better to do air travel with kids. With well thought out design and features, the kids are even enjoying the time spent at airports.

Check out these kid-friendly airports in the US that welcome the little ones with open hearts and colors.

1. Orlando International Airport

Orlando International Airport

As the home to destinations like Disneyworld and Universal, Orlando sees lots of kids and adults as excited as kids every day. So the fun starts right here from the airport. There are stores of Disney, Space Center and Universal all located in the airport mall, where you can spend all the time looking at your favorite characters. Then there is Power Arcade to get into your video gaming mode on level three of departures.

2. Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

Vegas airport

The most important thing that you will have to do at the Vegas airport is to explain to your kids that the slot machines are not arcade games. There is an entire indoor play area where the kids can direct traffic in a mini control tower or run through the mouth of an airplane of real size. To get things more interesting and include adults, there is an Aviation Museum spread across 3000 square foot.

3. Dulles International Airport

Dulles International Airport

There are many cool ways to incorporate fun into learning. If you have some extra time, head out to the B Concourse to the Kids’ Funway designed by NASA. Everything from interactive games, soft foam pieces to climb and run around on, fun features and posters to learn about aviation are all here. For the parents, there are seats equipped with charging stations.

If you are a local, you could also arrange a party here with inspired by the theme. There are also tours offered for groups of 10 or more on every fourth Thursday of the month.

4. Los Angeles World Airports

Los Angeles World Airports

There is enough of aviation inspiration at the airports. So what does LA do, inspire the airport to be more like the city.  The beach-themed play area at LAX will have the little ones sliding, surfing and climbing on the sandy beach. That is literally enough to keep them occupied. But there is more. The Flight Path Museum and Learning Center and the rotating food trucks on Terminal 4 are other ways to enjoy international travel with the kids.

5. O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, IL

O'Hare International Airport

Chicago has well-planned travel with kids at the second busiest airport in the country. Parents get your popcorn and take your kids to the Kids on the Fly play area. There are enough repairs in the helicopters and planes to keep the kids busy. The next stop is the moving walkway, Sky’s the Limit to create an unforgettable experience that never gets old.

6. Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International

Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International

Head to the food court in Concourse B, while you can let your kids play in the Funway Runway, they can come running to you to get a bite of the delicious food. If you are looking for more excitement, the indoor play area has high tech games too. The interactive floor reacts to motions, and an augmented reality ride with your face is all a part of it. There is an additional playground small enough for toddlers that is animal themed sponsored by Cincinnati Zoo. If you have more spare time, you should definitely check out the aviator-inspired playground and sit in one of the picnic tables while getting a spectacular view from the viewing area, right by the airfield.

7. Philadelphia International Airport

Philadelphia International Airport

The Playscape at the Philly airport is all about playing the future pilot. Ready for Takeoff is the educational playscape comes with the whole package, including radios that allow communication with a pretend tower.  

To take your little one for a nap or feed, you can look for Mamava pods. These are pods like a space capsule of size 4 feet by 8 feet, with a comfortable bench, foldable table, electrical outlet and a door for privacy. They are available for free at Terminal F. Download the app, and you will know when you are in the vicinity of one and whether it is available.

PHL also has entertainment programs that adults and kids both would find interesting. Enjoy PHL includes live performances by magicians, caricature artists, facial painters, acrobats and many more. The Virtual Library in the D/E Connector also dispenses short stories that kids can read in a few minutes while waiting for flights.


8. San Francisco International Airport

San Francisco International Airport

Designed in partnership with the Exploratorium, the Kids’ Spot in the SFO is partly a museum and a play area. Interactive activities about weather patterns, plasma walls, climbing structures all await them there. These are located both at Terminal 2 and 3. The Aviation Museum & Library at the international terminal is yet another spot to take the kids to. There is also an aquarium at Terminal 1 to mingle with the aquatic pets.


9. Nashville International Airport

Nashville International Airport

Tennessee airport has three dedicated play areas for kids, making things that much easier for families. Together they are a mix of animals, climbing walls, airplanes and Lego. Kids might also love the colors at the art exhibits at BNA. For extra fun, go to the kid's shops like the Nashville Zoo and Fly Babies.


See you need just to trust that the airports do have your back while taking international travel with kids. It is not just them though. We at FareDepot has also worked hard to come with best airline travel tips on how to travel with kids.

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