8 Travel Tricks and Tips for Long Flights

There was a time when flying used to be so sexy. Now with everyone choosing to fly over trains, roads and crossing the seas, getting through an air journey without feeling drained would be a miracle. Right from passing through the airports, killing layover times and fighting through jet lag, the airlines somehow lost its flair.

But the biggest of these debacles are the long haul flights. Consider yourself lucky if you survive a long flight without your neck sprained and limbs aching. Not all of us can get comfortable first class lie-flat seats either.

So for all of us who has to sit upright for long hours, let us get through these international travel hacks for flying long haul. Let's get you to the far-off destinations without absolutely hating the journey guys.

1. Get Comfortable

Get Comfortable

Airport fashion is a whole other thing. But remember unless you are a celebrity constantly under paparazzi watch, there is no need to put you through the ordeal of uncomfortable clothes just to look fab. Wearing the right clothes is the first of the travel tips for long flights. You are going to have to sit upright for most of your trip, your blood circulation to legs is going to reduce after a point, and the last thing you want is tight pants making it even worse.

Go for not just comfortable, but loose clothes that don’t press much against your abdominal area and legs. There are now travel oriented garments you can get that looks equally cool if you are too concerned about the looks. Stretchable clothes would also let you change positions easily even while sitting.

Also, don’t overlook the importance of comfortable underwear. Go for a cotton set or a sports bra that doesn't fume against your skin.

2. Let your Feet Breathe

Let your Feet Breathe

You have to take care of your feet too in long flights. Tight shoes are not going to make you feel better. Investing in best travel shoes is never a bad idea. Even while wearing comfortable shoes, wearing that for 8 hours or more continuously while sitting could be tormenting. Most people do not like to take off their shoes inside the flight for many reasons. So try to switch to sandals before you board your flight.

3. Take your Own Scarf or Blanket

 Own Scarf or Blanket

Flights tend to be cold, so long flights could get even worse as time passes. One of the travel packing tips to keep your warmth is by choosing to wear layers. But even that can't help you all the time.

Flights do give away blankets and pillows, but if you knew the last time it was washed, you wouldn't want to use them. So unless you are buying a new one inside the flight, its best to take a small shawl with you to keep things cozy.

4. Walk and Stretch

Walk and Stretch

Spending long hours just sitting is never good for your body. So even if it is just a few minutes walk back and forth in the aisle, you just have to do it.

When we say stretching, we are not asking you to go full-on yoga mode. DO some hand movements, rotate your writs,s flex your neck and so the little things, that could get the blood to flow better inside your system.

5. Choose the Right Seat

Choose the Right Seat

While it is not always possible to choose your seat, if you get to do, try to go with an aisle seat. We will tell you why; aisle seats mean you can get up and take a walk whenever you want without disturbing the passengers sitting next to you.

If you want more legroom, try to get a seat on the exit row. But you might want to avoid the one near the toilets. Some might find this seat unpleasant as there is definitely going to be a lot of traffic there on long flights.

If you want to sit a further away from kids on flights, avoid choosing front rows. Airlines tend to have facilities for babies in these rows.

If you were unable to choose the seat before, do not hesitate to ask the check-in counters and at the gate, whether there is one available. A first class or business class seat might make all the difference in a flight.

6. Hydrate


You have to drink enough water while on flights. Don’t bother about how many times you have to get to the loo, that's what they are for anyway. So go for the airport hacks and refill your own bottle after the security checks. But don't chuck down a lot of water at once as it is not going to be great for your kidneys to work it out especially in the sitting position. You are going to want to drink little and drink often.

7. Bring Snacks

Bring Snacks

You are going to get hungry more often than the airline serves the meals. If you are allowed to carry food in the flight, do it. Carry some healthy snacks; this might also come to your aid when you are bored. If you are not traveling in direct flights, snacks will be a lot useful during layover times too.

8. Plan the Entertainment

Plan the Entertainment

Not all flights have great choices of entertainment. And long flights tend to be the most boring journeys ever. If you read, take books, if you don't, they might help you fall asleep. Pre-download movies, series or whatever that could keep you occupied. Also, don't forget to carry power banks and a good set of earphones.

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