Tips and Tricks for Ryanair Flights

If you have ever done a flight search in Europe, you will not fail to notice that Ryanair offers some of the cheap airfare. Without any doubt, the Ryanair flights often come up as the top EU budget airlines on how to find cheap tickets to Europe.

However, with great discounts comes great responsibility. While bagging the dirt cheap flights, it is best to have a few tips and tricks under your sleeve to make sure you are not bombarded with unpleasant surprises along the way.

Find out our exclusive flying tips for Ryanair flights right from booking to boarding.


1. Booking the Tickets

Booking the Tickets

Unless you are one of those people who book flights in the first try, you are sure to be overloaded with cookies and caches from previous searches. And you do not want them to know that you are desperately looking for cheap flights. So start with your search in a private window.

2. The Currency Conversion

The Currency Conversion

If you are looking for tickets from anywhere else other than Europe, the chances are that the rates will definitely differ. You might want to go to the specific website of your country from where you are flying in. If it is too much trouble, you could always use a VPN for easy access to compare the rates from different destinations.

3. Read the Rules

Read The Rules

Being a low-cost carrier, Ryanair Airlines definitely has the some of the cheap rates for flights. But what is going to cost you are things like the additional transaction fees if you book in another currency. They are just for starters. From additional baggage charges to check-in charges, you might want to read through the fine print before you commit to the book entirely. Also, never look over the getting insurance for your Ryanair cancelled flights.

4. Traveling with Kids

Traveling with Kids

If you are traveling with kids, there are a few rules that you need to keep in mind for Ryanair. Children under 16 are not permitted to fly alone unless accompanied by someone 16 and over. If the child is under 12, an adult has to purchase a seat so the child can get a seat free next to them. There is also a reduced fee for the adult in such cases. This free seat allocation for children can cover up to 4 kids for every adult.


5. Changes in Reservation

 Changes in Reservation

If you need to make any changes in the reservation, even a spelling mistake in the names, beware that there are fees involved with everything. A name change will cost you up to 160 euros.

If you have to change the dates, depending on the season, the changes will vary.


6. Baggage Policies

Baggage Policies

Ryanair Baggage Policy includes some hefty extra fees for check-in bags. So try to stick on to just cabin baggage. But adhere to the strict sizes mentioned in the official website for the cabin baggage. You can take up to 10 kg, and additional weight would definitely be charged.

Check in baggage can be bought, and the prices vary depending on the sizes. If purchased at the airport, it could cost you more than what you would pay online.


7. Checking in

Checking In

It is always on your best interest to check in online. Even if you think you have plenty of time at the airport and even if the Ryanair flights status shows delayed, always do it beforehand. If you have paid for the seat, you can Ryanair check in allows you to do it even 30 days prior to your travel date. If you are traveling in an allocated seat, checking in early could get you a better seat.


8. Boarding Pass

Boarding Pass

Unlike other airlines, your best shot is to print your own boarding pass. You will be charged at the check-in counter for printing it. If you are an EU/EEA national, then you can use the Ryanair mobile boarding pass to show at the check-in.


9. Passport Stamp

Passport Stamp

If you are not an EU/EEA citizen, getting the passport is another hurdle you have to cross before boarding. It is easy to miss this as it is not mandatory in all airlines. There is a specific line designated for stamping passport near the check-in counter. Do not miss this step, as you would be denied entry to the flight without a stamp.


10. Boarding


Since Ryanair charges extra for check in pieces of luggage, most travelers tend to travel only with cabin bags. This definitely leads to overcrowding of the cabin bags on the flight.

The thing to remember is that cabins usually tend to run out of spaces to keep the luggage. So you might want to find a spot in the queue as soon as the boarding starts, or you will end up keeping the bags and coats under the seats.


11. On the Flight


Other than the airline ticket, anything and everything is charged on the flight. There are no complimentary anything, and you will need to pay the hefty airline prices for anything including water. So refill your bottles, bring entertainment and try to get a nap to cancel out any discomfort. Seats are comfortable, but you can’t ask for anything more for the price you pay.


12. At the Destination

At the Destination

One of the reasons Ryanair is able to charge less is because they fly into minor airports away from the city. So you might want to consider the transportation charges from the airport to the city while you are getting tickets. It might also be difficult to find commutation easily if the airport is really far from the city center.

Altogether, if you are well prepared and knows all the secrets, Ryanair flight are well worth any small discomfort you might encounter. Once you get the knack of it, you might even go for Ryanair cheap flights for all your European destinations.

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