7 Amazing Day Trips from Bangkok

Bangkok is the definition of bustling and hustling. The colors and the crowd are all amazing but could also be equally overwhelming. There are a plethora of things to do in Bangkok Thailand itself. It won’t be long before you tire yourself out with the city’s dynamic energy.  After a while, if you are looking to escape the city buzz, below are the best day trips from Bangkok as recommended by the fantastic travel bloggers.

1. Ko Si Chang Island

Ko Si Chang Island

There are many stunning islands in Thailand, and Ko Si Chang is perfect for a short trip from Bangkok. A 40-minute bus ride will take you to Sri Racha, a small town outside Bangkok and from there you can catch ferries to this island.

It was once the favorite weekend retreat of King Rama IV; there are still remains of the summer palace on the island. The island has very serene beaches and those apt for water activities like the Tham Pang Beach. Renting a motorbike would be your best option; however, there are also tuk-tuks available to explore the island. The island is also a popular choice for scuba diving in Thailand.

2. Kanchanaburi


Kanchanaburi throws light into the realities of World War II that affected Thailand. The Death Railways, whose name comes from 10,000 lives lost during the construction of Burma railway by allied prisoners, has a small stretch open. The train leaves from Kanchanaburi and the Nam Tok, and in spite of the backstory, the landscape of valleys and the Khwae Noi River is breathtaking. You can also make a stop at the Krasae Cave, to visit the Buddha statue.

Near to Kanchanaburi, the Erawan National Park is another popular day trip option. The park is adorned with some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. There are seven different levels of waterfalls, and if you can hike up to the higher levels, then you will find yourself a haven without too many people. The park also has gorgeous hiking trails and amazing ranges of caves.

There are bus tours leaving from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi, with individual trips or combining both the Death railway and the Park. You can also rent a taxi or hop on one of the minivans or coaches from Victory monument, or the bus terminals. There are also trains, but that is surprisingly slower than the bus, but makes up with stunning views.

3. Ayutthaya


Ayutthaya Thailand was the capital of the Siam kingdom and is 90 minutes away from Bangkok. You can hop on a train from Hua Lamphong Railway station in Bangkok to Ayutthaya, and you will reach Ayutthaya within about two hours. One can also catch a minivan from the Victoria monument.

Ayutthaya is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991. Once there you can rent a bike or see the sights in a tuk-tuk. Once the region had more than 200 temples, but today there is only a fraction remaining. The Wat Ratchaburana is the most spectacular with its underground crypt. The sandstone Buddha of the Wat Phra Mahathat is another mesmerizing sight along with the three stupas of the Wat Phra Si Sanphet.

4. Bang Krachao

Bang Krachao

Bang Krachao is a beautiful island on the south of the Chao Praya River just outside of Bangkok. The region is so serene making it an ideal getaway from the city. You can catch a ferry from the pier at Wat Klong Toei Na to Bang Krachao. As soon as you get to the island, rent a bicycle and navigate your way through the winding paths, wooden and concrete roads. The jungle on the island will give you the ambiance that you are somewhere remote away from the rest of the world.

Bang Krachao has a few little restaurants, a weekend floating market and the Wat Bang Nam Phueng Nai temple, all adding to the quaint vibe.

5. Amphawa Floating Market

Amphawa Floating Market

This floating market is little afar from Bangkok, but the visit is totally worth it if you love the Asian markets. There is a direct shuttle bus from Bangkok that will take you to the Amphawa floating market. Alternatively, you can also join a bus tour, or choose the longer option of buses or local trains. On the way, you can also visit the railway markets of Maeklong and Maha Chai.

The market is its most vibrant phase during the weekends when there is the most number of stalls and vendors. The town has many other interesting sights like many Buddhist temples. The market is a foodie paradise with all kinds of seafood and sweet delicacies cooked fresh in front of you.

6. Bang Pa-In Royal Palace

Bang Pa-In Royal Palace

The Royal Palace of Bang Pa-in was initially built in 1632. King Rama V has restored it to what you see today. The palace has taken many inspirations from Europe along with the prominent Asian architectural features. It is also popularly known as the Summer Palace as it was a summer retreat. There are direct trains from Bangkok to reach the palace, and one can usually spend an hour or two exploring the palace.

The palace has a grim story of Queen Sunanda Kumariratana and Princess Karnabhirn Bejraratna drowning on the way to the palace. The palace is quite ostentatious, and the gardens surrounding are gorgeous with the memorial of the Queen and princess tucked away quietly.

7. Sukhothai


Sukhothai, the ancient capital, is located between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. SO if you are headed to the latter, it would be an excellent choice to make a stop here. There are no direct trains from Bangkok to Sukhothai; you will have to take a bus. If not, there are cheap flights that could take you there. The place had many proud ruins and monuments from the prosperous days before the kingdom of Ayutthaya took over, and the Burmese invasion destroyed it.  

The natural beauty and cultural history of Thailand are overwhelming. Bangkok is the perfect gateway to explore the many elements and faces of the country.

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