Explore: The 15 Best Day Trips from Sydney Australia

Sydney is one of the top travel destinations in Australia. The city has many majestic sights and the most iconic one, the Sydney Opera House. But the attractions don't stop within the city limits. Sydney is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and regions that are definitely worth visiting. There are mountains, beaches, and wildlife to explore and enjoy time away from the city. You can also indulge in extreme sports and try out unique cuisine which you cannot find elsewhere.

Sydney serves as the ideal gateway to take these trips to the other Australian beauties. So it is just apt for you to book cheap flights to Sydney Australia and then cover these areas only a few hours from the city for a much diverse experience. These are the 15 best day trips from Sydney Australia to add to your list.


1. Palm Beach

Palm Beach

The golden grains of sand, the glittering ocean waves, and the top-notch surf have already put Palm Beach Sydney on the world’s map. Its proximity to the city only makes it more accessible for the tourists. It is also a bustling center of activity being located on the Northern Beaches of Australia.

It is only an hour’s drive from Sydney; when there you can get on a boat to take a tour in the waters or even hike in the surrounding dunes to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse. There are also incredible restaurants in Palm Beach Australia like the Boathouse where you can have the best of the fresh seafood.


2. Royal National Park

Royal National Park

The perfect combination of pristine beaches and rocky cliffs, the Royal National Park Sydney makes it a lovely spot both to nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Being, the second oldest national park in the world, the parks is adorned with beautiful valleys, rivers, and meadows.

You can either stick to the coast or head out to the heathland on a canoe up to the Hacking River. The vast cliffs lining the coast often lures in hikers and adventurists for sweat and to enjoy the brilliant view from the top. The beach and waters at the Royal National Park Australia are even better with many offers including whale watching, snorkeling, fishing, and surfing.


3. Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley

Popular among hikers for being a top hiking destination, Hunter Valley Sydney holds quite an allure for tourists. But the region also boasts some of the most celebrated gastronomic inventions of the world. It is foodie heaven for those who seek adventure with taste buds.

The valley is very fertile and has a variety of fresh produce that includes cheeses, oils, and the restaurants there surely take advantage of it. From tasting menus to bistros, the food scene is remarkable.

On the nature side, there are beautiful spots with eucalyptus fields, kangaroos and such on the World Heritage-listed nature trails such as the Hunter Valley Gardens or the Wollemi National Parks.


4. Blue Mountains National Park

Blue Mountains National Park

Just an hour from the city of Sydney, Blue Mountain National Park awaits with its blue haze of mountains. The effect comes from the scent released by the thousands of eucalyptus plants growing in the hills.

The region still has unspoiled wilderness, untouched, packed with beautiful aromas and the tall trees. The hiking trails are more like pathways in fairy tales where you could come across rock paintings and such.

It is suggested to get a guided tour to learn more about the indigenous flora and fauna and the myths of the mountains.


5. Manly Beach

Manly Beach

The beachfront suburb of Manly Beach Sydney is only a 30 min ferry ride from Circular Quay. The ocean is blue is it could get, and the food is sensational.

The community offers you the traditional Australian beach culture with great things to explore including beach waves, surfs and shacks. Even though a suburb, the area still has many restaurants, cafes, and malls to entertain you. Due to its proximity to the city, the chances are that you will visit Manly Beach Sydney more than once.


6. Hawkesbury River

Hawkesbury River

Hawkesbury River forms the border of the Ku-ring-gai National Park and has a strong history on its own as one of the first settled rivers in the country. The river ranks still have what's left of the original farms.

Taking a trip along the river will get you to the small villages and the nearby towns. Richmond and Windsor is famous for their farmer’s market, galleries, and rich cultural attributes.

7. Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Close to Hawkesbury River and an hours journey from Sydney, the Ku-ring-gai National Park is still the most significant national park of Australia. Its aboriginal heritage makes it historically important, and it still beholds its strong cultural bond.

The trails will take you to engravings and painting on rock and handprints. The Park also has stunning panoramic views from several points.


8. Port Stephens

Port Stephens

As a strong competition to the Sydney Harbour, Port Stephens Australia is vast in size and 20 beaches with glorious sunshine. The coastline is bushy, yet it is a highly sought out area of golden sand for beach games, The water, on the other hand, plays hosts to whale watching cruises and adventures on snorkeling and other watersports.

The Great Lakes Marine Park has played a vital role in making the Port Stephens what it is. There are also few viewpoints like the Tomaree Headland or the Gan Lookout just perfect for your Instagram posts.


9. Canberra


Being the capital, Canberra Australia has so much to offer for visitors. It is designed impeccably and has a great structural plan that still focuses on the aesthetics. With world-class museums, gardens, and galleries, Canberra represents everything a capital should have.

It is only 3 hours from Sydney so you can visit either place from the other. If you make it to Mount Ainslie, the meticulous design of the capital is visible with its geometric shapes.


10. The Southern Highlands

The Southern Highlands

Southern Highlands Australia is renowned for its natural beauty. With the lush green rainforests, astounding waterfalls, the valley is home to Australian wildlife.

You can find anything from Kangaroos to possums here. The Morton National Park would be the best place to experience the very at the fullest with beautiful trails and viewpoints of the regions best panoramic sceneries.


11. Tobruk Sheep Station

Tobruk Sheep Station

This might not be for everyone unless you like to explore green grazelands and local culture. But once you visit the place, you will absolutely fall in love with the rustic beauty of the barns and the valley. Located in the Hawkesbury River Valley, the site entertains you with many activities, and you might even find yourself attending a romantic wedding.

With a primary focus on sheep shearing and herding, the place is great for families for a one hour drive from Sydney to enjoy a barbecue or break a piece of bread together.

12. Kangaroo Valley

Kangaroo Valley

The name might be a little misleading here. The Valley is not famous for spotting Kangaroos but for its gastronomic culture. The valley is dotted with wineries, so the scenery is splendid in the first place.

Then there is wine tasting and the Flavours of the Valley Foodie Trail, one exclusively for food where you can taste and try your hand at the gourmet cooking. There is also the Kangaroo River or fields where you can go on a horseback ride.


13. Kiama


Adorned by green coastal cliffs, Kiama is the perfect getaway from the city. It also has many private shores and beaches for you to enjoy and relax. The region also offers many activities including kayaking, rock climbing and cruises for dolphin watching.

However, the highlight here is the Kiama Blowhole which is a magical fountain with water launched from a blowhole on a cliff.

14. Mermaid Pools

Mermaid Pools

A set of water holes and springs with water from the Bargo river make up for the Mermaid Pools. These are found at the starting of  The Tahmoor Gorge in the Australian bush.

Due to the intense natural beauty of the region, the pools are something you shouldn’t miss if you are anywhere near Sydney. Finding your way through the rocks and bushes, itself is an adventure.

The See-Through Pools are the highlights with the crystal clear clarity of the and are perfect for a pleasant swim.


15. Stanwell Park

Stanwell Park

Paragliding is the first thing that comes to mind when one hears about Stanwell Park. After being the place of first box kite flight, the area now serves as one of the best places for paragliding and hang gliding in Australia.

Even if you are not keen on the adventure, you can always have a pleasant lunch there and watch the enthusiasts fly around. The Wodi Wodi track in the park is a beautiful coastal trail with majestic views of the ocean. And if the views entice you, it is effortless to head on to one of the beaches.

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