18 Ultimate Holiday Destinations for 2019

The year is winding up, and the winter is crawling up the windows. When you settle in your cozy couch with a cup of hot chocolate, we are here with you to dream about the next year's dream destinations.

After listening to the travel bloggers, airline experts, and holiday planners, here is the epic list of the most trendy destinations for 2019.

1. Italy & The Swiss Alps

Italy & The Swiss Alps

When to visit: To enjoy Biennale and the fall, April to May and then from September to October.

Marking the 500-year of Leonardo da Vinci’s passing, the 2019 Venice Biennale is expected to be top-notch and is all reason you need to get cheap flights to Italy. Take a visit from the city of canals to Lake Como to enjoy the serenity of Italian waters. The new opening of the “Excellence Class” in the Glacier Express will make your journey along the valleys of the Swiss Alps even better.

2. Ouarzazate, Morocco

Ouarzazate, Morocco

When to visit: For the perfect weather to explore the city, visit during March, April, May, October, and November.

Located in the south of Morocco, Ouarzazate is a gateway to the stunning Atlas mountains. The city also hides the gem of Ait Ben Haddou, the fortified village. Find your cheap flights to Ouarzazate so you can spend evenings watching sunsets from the Kasbah.

3. Nepal and Bhutan

Nepal and Bhutan

When to visit: To avoid the rains, visit from November to early March.  

If you already know about Taktsang Monastery, now is the best time to book cheap flights to Bhutan finally plan a visit there. For those who are in the blind, the monastery and the hike up there is one of the most liberating experiences you will ever have in your life.

Nepal, even though the 2015 earthquake wiped out many of its mighty monuments, still has its charm and beauty intact.

4. Novi Sad, Serbia

Novi Sad, Serbia

When to visit: To avoid the summer heat, from March to May and September to October

In 2019, the city hosts the EXIT festival attracting a lot of youth. Novi Sad is also bursting with creative energy, revamping many of its cultural centers including Chinatown. The Garden Fest is another one you have to keep an eye out for. While you book cheap flights to Novi Sad, you might also want to know that the city has been named the European Youth Capital for 2019 and the European Cultural Capital for 2021, the city is just adding more jewels to its crown.

5. India


When to visit: October to March to beat the heat and for cheap flights.

There is no other country where you will find such extensive, diverse culture, landscape, and energy as in India. Book your cheap flights to India, start from the north from the paradise of  Kashmir, through Delhi to visit the most impressive palaces, to the beaches in Goa and to the God’s own country in Kerala to chill in the backwaters.

6. Belarus


When to visit: Enjoy long days and mild temperature from June to August

With the European Games taking place in Belarus from 14- 30 June, the city is all made up to welcome the guests and travelers from all over the world. The town also has its historical charm, extraordinary landscapes, and the vintage party scenes.

7. Tohoku, Japan

Tohoku, Japan

When to visit:  All year round

Japan’s department of tourism is celebrating the country’s rich culture and heritage every day. The focus of 2019 is on the not that famous region of Tohoku Japan in the northeast of Tokyo. Get cheap flights to Japan to set out to Tohoku to enjoy a  hike up the dominant landscapes in summer and skiing in winter.

8. Mackenzie Country, Otago, New Zealand

Otago, New Zealand

When to visit: All year round

The adventures offered here is a reason enough to add this to the bucket list. The region is best known for its sunken valleys and glacial highlands making it one of the world’s best spot in the Southern Alps for winter fun. Depending on the time of the year, you will find more than enough thing to do to get cheap flights to New Zealand to visit Mackenzie.

9. Panama


When to visit: The dry season from December to April

Panama is celebrating its 500-year history in 2019 with a bashing party. In spite of being a small country, the regions are very distinct from its tropical rainforests to white sandy beaches. The local cuisine alone is enough to make you book cheap flights to Panama. Nevertheless, the immeasurable attraction here is definitely the indigenous culture.  

10. The Brazilian Amazon

The Brazilian AmazonWhen to visit: June to September are the driest months and when you would find the cheap flights.

The magnificent Amazon awaits you here with its sumptuous forests and unsullied life. Learn the essential jungle techniques and take treks along the trails with guides to experience a sense of nature you would never find elsewhere. Book cheap flights to Brazil and take a cruise down the Tapajos River that could take you to the Caribbean of the Amazon too.  

11. Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wadi Rum, Jordan

When to visit: Sightseeing is best done in spring from March to May and in autumn from September to November.

Jordan welcomes hikers from all over the world to take part in the event of Jordan Trail, covering a distance of 650 km, passing through 52 villages and towns from 1st March to 13th April of 2019. The trail connects Um Qais to Aqaba.

You will be hiking across the length of Jordan, even if hiking isn't your forte, Jordan is a city worth visiting for its indigenous culture and stunning red landscapes.

12. Mestia, Georgia

Mestia, Georgia

When to visit: Avoid summer heat and travel during June or September.

Mestia Georgia offers a perfect mix of Europe and Asia on a platter. The culture itself is a hike to get through with famous museums like the Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography. The natural beauty, on the other hand, is equally ambitious here with glacier slopes of the Caucasus mountains. The spots like Mount Ushba are pleasing valleys with great views of mountain lakes.

13. Nusa Penida, Indonesia

Nusa Penida, Indonesia

When to visit: Peak Season from May to September, shoulder season from November to March and avoid the rains in January and February.

Less crowded than Bali, Nusa Penida is a hidden gem in Indonesia with all the perks of islands. The breath-taking sceneries, shining beaches and water perfect for scuba diving all come here together with a much more authentic island holiday.

14. Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Samarkand, Uzbekistan

When to visit: The peak is in April and May and then the shoulder season is from September to October when the weather is still pleasant, but the crowd departs.

Indulge in the authentic culture of the east in one of the oldest countries in Central Asia. Samarkand city is a hub of world cultures, decorated with medieval architecture and markets vibrant enough to make you awe. The city also has any listed UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. In May of 2019, the city also hosts the Silk and Spices Festival in Bukhara.

15. Bacalar, Mexico

Bacalar, Mexico

When to visit: From early December to March.

Bacalar Mexico neighboring the Maldives is as spectacular with the Lake of Seven Colors. The crystal clear waters here are also ideal for diving and snorkeling. You can rent a boat or kayak through the lagoons to get to know the geography.  To enjoy the turquoise blue waters here from the hotel balconies and spend your days enjoying the luxury it offers, get your cheap flights to Mexico right away.

The land also has some beautiful historical remnants including a Spanish fort, museum and Mayan ruins in Kohunlich, just an hour from Bacalar.

16. Kigali, Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda

When to visit: The dry season from June to mid-September.

The Volcanoes National Park in Kigali here attracts travelers and nature enthusiasts with its beauty and esteemed mountain gorillas. The Akagera National Park, on the other hand, offers you glimpses of the king of the jungle and rhinos, elephants, leopards, and buffalos. The region is famous for its camping and the most luxurious African Safaris.  

17. Palomino, Colombia

Palomino, Colombia

When to visit: The peak tourist season is between December and March

Colombia is getting popular day by day. Let it be for the glorious golden Caribbean beaches or the untouched wilderness, the city has made its way to the top travel destinations. Once you get your cheap flights to Colombia, enjoy the delicious Colombian cuisine and tubing down the Palomino River getting lost in the unscathed innocence of Palomino Colombia.

18. Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Leeuwarden, Netherlands

When to visit: If you prefer warm weather, visit in July, August, and June. Try to avoid July, August, November, and December as they are the rainiest. ,

Being named as the Capital of Culture in 2018, the city is known for its enthusiasm towards cultural performances and exhibitions. Even without such activities, the city is pleasant to explore on bicycles, to stare at the monumental architecture and enjoy the local spirits.

Now that you have the grand list of holiday destinations, all you need to do is to choose where you want to go. Wherever it is, you will find insanely cheap flights at FareDepot. For all your international flights, last minute flights and cheap business class flights, look nowhere else from now on.