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Unusual Tourist Attractions in Edinburgh

Edinburgh City

Edinburgh is full of vibrant history and breathtaking castles. It’s not surprising that It would be a popular travel destination for tourists. However, aside from the common tourist attractions, Edinburgh is full of hidden gems. Below are a few of the most unusual tourist attractions in Edinburgh! Don’t forget to purchase your cheap domestic air tickets to Edinburgh today!

Cheap Domestic Air Tickets to Edinburgh and unusual attractions

Maison De Moggy

Cats and coffee anyone? Be sure to check out this fun and usual attraction at Maison de Moggy. Take a load off with the relaxing ambiance and locally produced teas and coffees at Scotland’s very first cat café.

The Museum of Childhood

Take a visit to the very first museum in the world that is solely dedicated to the history of childhood. Enjoy the vintage toys and artifacts that date all the way back to the 16th and 17th centuries. This trip back through time is an unforgettable and unique experience.

Camera Obscura

Get ready for endless mind tricks and illusions at Camera Obscura. This labyrinth is full of colors and shapes and spectacular imagery. This unusual attraction is bound to give you a different perspective.

Cheap Domestic Air Tickets to Edinburgh

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Cheap Domestic Air Tickets to Edinburgh  and best attractions

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