Why Alcudia Spain Should be Your next Holiday Destination

Why Alcudia Spain Should be Your next Holiday Destination

Alcudia Beach in Mallorca Spain

It’s not hard to find yourself mesmerized by the beauties here at Alcudia Mallorca. After all, the Romans did wander here themselves and were truly hypnotized by its beauty as well.

Being located in the northern part of Mallorca, Alcudia, isn’t a far drive away from Palma, the capital of Mallorca, at only around an hour or so for traveling time. And when it comes to the Alcudia weather, it’s absolutely wonderful with most of the year bearing sunshine and sunny days that signify the attractive weather of Spain.

Despite not having the booze-filled nightlife that a place such as Magaluf may boast, the magnificent landscape and cultural heritage in Alcudia are awe-inspiring and is more than enough to make you feel complete. With a heritage dating back to the Bronze Age, the renowned family-friendly Alcudia beach at its whim, and a sensational artistic draw that is an absolute hidden gem, Alcudia is the place to be for a perfect well-rounded holiday.


Alcudia Old Town

History of Alcudia Old Town dates back to as long as the 9th century when the Moors stumbled upon it and held ground for the next 300 years. In honor of Alcudia Old Town, they called this beautiful ancient city “Al-Qudya” which stands for the word “hill” in Arabic.

The Moors were then defeated by King James the First in 1298 and the quadrangle-shaped rampart fortifications were made with his direction. These six meter high walls are still intact to this date making for a lovely stroll with views of Alcudia Old Town rooftops and terraces.

Within these walls lies the heart of Alcudia Old Town filled with sandstone architecture, quaint bricked roads, and quirky shops and restaurants serving local cuisine.


Alcudia Beach

Known famously for its beach, the Alcudia Beach offers soft white sand that is wide-brimmed. The waters are shallow which brings the attraction for families with young children to enjoy themselves without worries of deep waters.

For the adults, adventure is only a stone throw away with hidden coves and a range of impressive cliffs stretching all the way to Can Picafort from Platja d’Alcúdia.


Ciudad de Pollentia

This quaint Roman Town is located close to Alcudia Old Town and bears the remains of what was once the Roman capital of the Balearic Islands. Ciudad de Pollentia, when translated from Roman, stands for the City of Power which reveals the power and glory the Romans possessed during that era.

The ruins left in Ciudad de Pollentia date back to the 1st century BC and were founded by Quinto Cecilio Metel. The Roman Town is made up of three segments. The first being the residential area where you can find streets and buildings holding the architectural designs of the time, the city walls come second and the Forum is the last segment.

If you make your way a little further to the outskirts of Ciudad de Pollentia, you’ll stumble across the Roman Theatre which is around 15 minutes from the Roman Town.

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