Very Cheap International Flight Tickets for Spring Break | Top 5 Destinations

Yes! You’re almost finished with the semester and so you don’t become completely overwhelmed you are getting that much needed and precious spring break! Do you know where you’ll be buying airline tickets to? What are the best locations to buy cheap international flight tickets and jet off to? Find out in our list of the top 5 Spring Break destinations! 

5: Phuket, Thailand

Not everyone is looking for extreme parties and crazy nightlife, and Phuket is for those who want the quiet and relaxing type of Spring Break close to nature. The serene beaches are all over this province and snorkeling, scuba, boat tours and relaxing by the beach would all be in your itinerary for this beautiful destination. The rocks emerging from the watery landscape, covered in exotic fauna is exactly the landscape that some Spring Breakers long to see! Buy your cheap airline tickets to Thailand and get ready for a relaxing break by amazing beaches!

4: Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica

This city is known for as Costa Rica’s top surf and party destination, which is exactly what the doctor ordered for some Spring Breakers! This party town has the perfect surf destinations by day and then night life places to spend the rest of the day. There are no shortages of hotels, restaurants, bars and beautiful nature surrounding it all. Can you picture you and your friends partying by the beautiful clear ocean water, catching a few waves before the sun set and you spend the night dancing and laughing together? Buy your cheap international tickets to Costa Rica today!  

3: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

In addition to the great soccer matches you can catch, the beautiful people you will meet and the amazing golden beaches you can experience, Rio de Janeiro is known for it’s samba-fueled nightlife and carnivals, so there will be no shortage of fun! Get ready to shake those hips as you party all over this beautiful and exciting city! During the day you can explore the tropical landscapes that this beautiful destination has to offer, along with the famous Sugarloaf Mountain, and then at night you can follow along to the rhythm of this amazing city. Book your airline tickets so you and your friends can enjoy this beautiful country on your Spring Break! 

2: Hanoi, Vietnam

Thinking of heading to Asia for Spring Break? Hanoi would be an excellent place to set up shop if you’re looking for incredible natural views with a balance of food tours and nightlife! For a foodie, this is a perfect Spring Break location! Food tasting tours, day long food tours and wine and beer tastings are all available in this exciting city! Not to mention that the nightlife is exhilarating and the food is just as tasty! For fun and delicious cuisine, buy your cheap flight tickets to Vietnam now!

1: Perth, Australia

Home to the largest diversity of fauna and nature, Australia has long been known to be the perfect destination for the adventurer! Perth is one of the many remarkable Australian cities you can spend your Spring Break in! Experience breathtaking views, extraordinary wildlife and an exciting party when the sun sets in Perth! Watch the sunset on the beautiful Swan River and then spend the rest of the night trying out the huge variety restaurants and bars available to you! Buy your cheap international airline tickets today and experience adventure in Perth, Australia!

Make this Spring Break exciting and book your cheap tickets to one of these destinations today!