How to Get Very Cheap International Flights To Asia

A trip to Asia almost requires some serious preparation beforehand. Right from deciding which part of the continent to visit and when to visit, it is very exciting yet strenuous to plan the journey. 


As it takes some time to pin down the details, for the very same reason, hoping to find tips on how to get cheap last minute flights at the airport might not be the best way to go ahead. While Asia is considered among the cheapest destinations, it is also a place where travelers flock to. That makes it one of the most demanded destinations to find cheap plane tickets to. 


So depending on where you are flying to and where you are flying from, finding cheap international flights to Asia might be the most challenging part of the trip. But with a few tips, finding affordable rates might not be as far fetched as you think. Take a look at what we have to say here on finding cheap tickets to Asia. 

1. Change your Departure Point

Change your Departure Point

If you are flying from the US, JFK, and LAX has the highest volume of flights to Asia compared to elsewhere. While it is certainly possible to get good deals on flights from other major cities in the US, you might be able to pull off a better deal if you are flying from New York or Los Angeles. 


Moreover, you can also fly domestically in cheap last minute flights on any of the major airlines. So it is actually a good idea to try to break up your journey with two different airlines. For instance, instead of flying directly from Boston to Bangkok, it might be cheaper to book a flight from Boston to JFK and then from JFK to Bangkok. Search the same way for round trips too and compare prices before you go ahead and book directly from your nearest departure airport. 


While on the same page, let us also tell you that if your destination is somewhere in SouthEast Asia, then the cheapest fare would be available to Bangkok in Thailand. Read on to know how to get cheaper fares from there. 

2. Don’t Overlook Asian Airlines


Asia has numerous airlines that offer services as good as or even better than the typical western standards. Airlines like Cathay Pacific, Air China, Japan Airlines, Korean Airlines and many more fall within the category of affordable flights as well. 


On the other hand, airlines like Emirates and Etihad are also fabled for being the luxurious of all the airlines in the world itself. So do not overlook the Asian airlines when you are flying to Asia. They might offer better value for your money. 

3. Look for Budget Airlines


Much like any other continent, Asia also has its fair share of budget airlines. You can find flight tickets between countries for as cheap as $50. Air Asia is one of the largest budget airlines and you can find cheap flights to almost every destination in Asia on them. 


Even if you are wondering how to get last minute flight deals, it is much easier to find one with these budget airlines. So just like your departure point, it might also be worth it to land in the cheapest destination and then book a flight to your final point on a budget airline. 


Remember that many of these budget airlines might not be listed in the main booking websites. It might be better to get a list of these airlines and visit their websites separately or use a country-wise app to get deals on the budget airlines

4. Fly Into Bigger Cities

Fly Into Bigger Cities

Another point to note is to fly into the bigger cities in every country. For example, it is much cheaper to get a flight to Bangkok than to get a connecting flight to the smaller airports like Phuket. Look for local transportation in overnight buses or even hired taxis which might turn out to be cheaper than flying to a smaller airport. 


This applies to neighboring countries too as we have mentioned above. Fly between capitals in Asia and then go for domestic budget airlines or other local transport options. This way, you will be able to explore the country more too. 

5. Use the Miles

Fly Into Bigger Cities

It might be the oldest trick in the book, but it sure does work even now. Taking a trip to Asia is surely going to get you some huge benefits in terms of miles. A trip across the Pacific might even get you a free trip later on. The one way to use this wisely while traveling inside Asia is to fly in airlines that have a partnership with your international airline. While choosing a budget airline, make sure that it shares the loyalty program as that of the airline you take from the US itself. This way you can use miles from both your domestic and international journeys. 


If you already have some miles saved up, an Asian trip might also be the best time to redeem them. 

6. Make Use of Any and Every Perk 


You have to make sure that you are not missing out on any discounts. If you are a student or is traveling in a group, make it a point to let the airline know in case you are eligible for some discount. Do not hesitate to make a call to the customer services and ask them openly for any such options available. 

7. Use the Right Booking Platform

Use the Right Booking Platform

Above everything, it is significant to use the best booking platform that can get you the best deals possible on all days. In that case, FareDepot is always one among the most trustworthy fare comparison websites there is. There is no sudden inflation on prices or no hidden fees that you would be charged at the end. 


On our website, you are guaranteed to receive the best rates on cheap international flights and highly competitive rates on business class flights too. 


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