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What Can I Expect in Delhi?

If you want to experience everything that India has to offer, Delhi is your perfect vacation spot. Not only is it filled with culture, history, food, spirituality, madness, and mystery, but you’ll truly get a sense of what India is all about. Keep reading to find out what you should expect while vacationing in Delhi. Then, make sure that you book your wholesale airfare from New York to Delhi so that you can officially start planning your trip to India. 

5 Things to Expect While Vacationing in Delhi

1.While Hindi is the most common language spoken in Delhi, you will likely not face any language barriers due to the fact that most locals speak really good English.

2.Get used to crowds because Delhi is very crowded and one of the most populated cities in India.

3.Delhi has a culture that consists of an “early nightlife” since most bars don’t possess the permit that’s necessary to stay open past 12:30 am.

4.While Delhi has some the of best food and curry in the world, they definitely don’t have the best drinking water. Make sure to only drink bottled water throughout your stay.

5.People negotiate everywhere, even in big designer showrooms.

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