What to Eat When Visiting Krakow

What to Eat When Visiting Krakow

What to Eat When Visiting Krakow

If you are planning a trip to Krakow, you’re in for a treat (or two). The Polish people take their cuisine very seriously. From traditional to modern dishes, Kraków is full of eclectic dining options. No matter where you decide to dine, make sure you don’t leave Kraków without tasting some of these Polish favorites. Also, make sure to buy cheap air tickets to Kraków today! 

Where to buy cheap air tickets to Krakow and what food to eat?



If you are a fan of sausage, look no further. Be ready to experience arguably the best sausage you have ever had while in Poland. Not to mention the fact that you will be overwhelmed by the many varieties of kielbasa Poland has to offer.



Zapiekanka is an open-faced sandwich on a banquette, topped with sautéed mushrooms and cheese. Think of it as a polish pizza, but on a baguette. Be ready for your taste buds to experience the best of both worlds with this Polish treasure!


Fermented Foods

Pickling and fermenting is a very popular technique in Poland, due to long winter months. Some may even consider fermenting an art form. You will be pleasantly surprised by the flavors of pickled fruits and vegetables. If you see fermented food on a local menu, don’t be afraid to try it out, you are sure to be pleasantly surprised.


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