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What to Expect During a Trip to Nepal

Kathmandu may be the capital city of Nepal, but it is also a city filled with one-of-a-kind experiences, breathtaking sights, and intriguing smells and tastes. While going to Kathmandu is sure to overwhelm your senses, it is also sure to be the trip of a lifetime. What are a few things that you can expect from this Himalayan metropolis? And, more importantly, where can you get wholesale tickets from New York to Kathmandu? Keep reading to find out!         


3 Things to Expect While Vacationing in Nepal

1.After a devastating earthquake hit Nepal in 2015, Kathmandu is fully restored and bustling with temples and squares, prayer flags, sputtering scooters, merchants yelling behind marigold-garlanded stalls, and countless waves of smells of incense and spices.

2.If you want a place to do a little bit of window shopping, look no further than the Thamel District. It packed with a plethora of shops with everything from tourist knick knacks to genuine Tibetan antiques.

3.At the center of Kathmandu lies Durbar Square, which is also known as the old city. Then, to its north is Thamel with its maze of hotels, restaurants, and shops. To the south, the Bagmati River borders the peaceful Patan District. Finally, in the east is the former Royal Palace as well as even more shopping centers and embassies.

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