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What to Pack for Florence

What to Pack for Florence

It’s no surprise that Florence is a highly sought-after travel destination. This beautiful destination is full of artistic masterpieces, delicious food, and jaw-dropping views. After you find your cheap international flights to Florence, comes the hard part, packing. Be completely prepared for your Florence trip of a lifetime with this packing list. 


During the spring and fall, Florence weather can be quite unpredictable. It’s always a good idea to pack layers, and a scarf just in case. An umbrella will also always come in handy just in case of a spontaneous rain shower. During winter, Florence is very cold and windy, so make sure to pack all your winter gear. In contrast, Florence summers are scorching, summer wear is a must.



Conveniently, Florence is an extremely walkable city. The percentage of the city can be seen by foot. Make sure you pack walking shoes that will keep you comfortable while walking for long periods of time. Avoid high heels (most streets are made out of cobblestone).



Like most of Italy, Florence is quite stylish. In hopes to not look like an obvious tourist, perhaps dress up a little more than you usually would when exploring a city by foot. Leave the old t-shirts behind, and go for something a bit more stylish.


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