What You Don’t Know About Paris

what you don't know about paris

Known for its famous attractions, fashion, and iconic museums, you might think you know everything about the infamous city of lights. However, there’s more to this great city than meets the eye. Below are a few things you probably didn’t know about Paris. If you want to experience these hidden treasures in Paris yourself, get your cheap air fare to Paris today!

There Is a Massive Amount of Bakeries

There’s endless reasons to visit Paris, but let’s be honest, the baked goods would be reason enough. If you have a taste for croissants, fresh bread, and various types of desserts, Paris is the city for you. In fact, Paris is home to 1,784 bakeries. Your taste buds will not be disappointed with this broad selection!

paris city

There's a Hidden Village

Most travelers are unaware that there is a secret hidden village in the countryside of Paris. La Campagne à Paris is a hidden village of about 92 beautiful historic homes. These quaint hidden homes go for a million euros at the very least. Take a trip to this hidden gem if you are looking for a unique experience outside of the city.

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