What You Need to Know Before Visiting Prague

Prague city

Are you ready for a European escape? But not sure what destination you want to visit next? Prague might be the city you’ve been searching for! Before you buy your discount airfare to Prague, check out these helpful travel tips! These insights to the Prague culture and customs will budget fares to make your trip as flawless as possible!

Make Sure to Bring Cash

In Prague, everything is generally paid in cash. It’s common for a local business to not accept credit cards, and to not hang signs stating so. Its best to play it safe and to carry cash just in case.

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If You Are a Beer Lover, This City Is for You

Prague is extremely passionate about beer, and has no shortage of pubs. Also, beer is cheaper than water and generally comes by the half liter. Therefore, it’s safe to say Prague is basically a beer lovers dream!


When tipping at the local pub, make sure to state the total of the bill including the tip. This is general protocol when it comes to gratuity. Also, keep in mind that 10 percent is considered an adequate tip in Prague.

Discount Airfare to Prague

Discount Airfare to Prague

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