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Why Should I Go to Armenia?

When planning a trip, most people have places like Paris, Beijing, or Rio de Janeiro in mind. While all those places are great travel destinations, there’s another city you need to add to your list: Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. Keep reading to find out all the reasons why you should buy cheap international flight tickets from Los Angeles to Yerevan and explore this remarkable metropolis for yourself. 

4 Reasons to Travel to Yerevan

1.Inexpensive: While most trips can get a little costly, traveling to Yerevan can fit any budget. In fact, one drink in London could buy you a whole night of drinks in Yerevan.

2.Great Public Transport: Yerevan’s public transportation system is one of the best with well-serviced buses and mini buses as well as a metro.

3.Extensive History: Armenia has a steep history that has caused Yerevan to overflow with history and culture. It’s filled with countless museums, art galleries, and historical treasures that every traveler needs to see.

4.Decadent Food: The food in Yerevan, and throughout Armenia, is rich and filling, with hints of blended spices that never overwhelm your senses. Not to mention, dining options come in all shapes and forms, from luxurious dining experiences to little hole-in-the-wall snack bars.

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