Top Winter Destinations of the World

The cold might be teeth chattering, yet, winter is indeed a spectacular season. And undoubtedly most of its charm comes from the holidays. Amid the rain, wind, and snow there are a few cities that embrace this season with warm hearts.

If you are wondering which are the top winter destinations to spend your holidays, we here have the greatest cities that makes winter the most fabulous season of the year.

1. New York City

New York City

Haven't we all fallen in love with New York in winter when we dotted over the many heartwarming romantic comedies? The ice skating rink in Central Park, the shop windows all dressed up for Christmas and the snow covering up the entire city in white; well New York City couldn't get any better in your dreams. The city transforms into a magical land with its electric blue sky and snow blankets.

Whether you intend to spend it inside with a cup of hot chocolate or doing “The Holiday Walk” along Fifth Avenue, booking cheap flights to New York for winter is always a good idea.

2. Seville


Seville might be a bit different to New York City in winter regarding weather. Winter in Seville is not all about snow, but about warmth and great food. So it might be a good choice for those who want to escape the cold of winter.

Book your cheap flights to Seville to ramble on the cobblestone streets in the winter sun and gape at the stunning architecture surrounding you.

3. Venice


Bagging cheap flights to Venice in winter might be an excellent way to avoid the summer crowd. You will have the whole city to yourselves, and even in the misty winter, its beauty of Venice doesn't faint.

It might get a little damp, at times even too damp, but the narrow alleys and Italian cafes could make up for the cold when you can enjoy the city at much cheaper rates than a summer getaway.

4. Prague


If you thought Prague was beautiful in summer, imagine the Gothic spires capped with snow. It is incredibly beautiful, and the cafe society with its dreamy castles shines in the snow. It doesn’t hurt that cheap flights to Prague come even less expensive during the season, and the city is always one of the cheap destinations in Europe, especially in winter.

5. Athens


As one of the oldest cities on earth and the largest in Greece, Athens tidies up quite well all year round. The days are surprisingly sunny for winter and prices are relatively low for the season. The lack of crowd and plenty of sights around the Syntagma Square should encourage you to book cheap flights to Athens.

6. Miami


Unlike many other cities, travelers love to get cheap flights to Miami to indulge in the tropical weather. The high season is from November to April which would make it an exciting time to visit Miami and hop on nightclubs during your winter break.

7. Berlin


Germany is known to be one of the best winter destinations in the world. Berlin outdoor scene sparkles with the holiday spirit and the Christmas markets Berlin. Aside from the visitors who come to spend Christmas, the entire city with its street arts and its amusing buildings is much more approachable in winter. Add a lot of snow, and a diverse cultural scene, booking cheap flights to Berlin would seem like a refreshing notion to carry forward.

8. Madrid


Crisp cold weather cases this highest capital in Europe. However, it doesn’t make the sun shine any less, or the sunsets get any less pretty. In fact, Madrid is a lot more affordable in winter and so are cheap flights to Madrid. It would be a good opportunity to enjoy the city without getting lost in the tourist crowd.

9. Nice


It is time to think broader than Paris about France. Nice used to be a classy getaway in winter from the cold of the northern capital and has all the charm of the south of France. It would be a fantastic spot to get the sea breeze and taste the delicious seafood even outdoor in the middle of winter.

10. Rome


As splendid as the remnants of the Roman empire looks during summer, it is even more appealing in winter. Enjoy the Roman Forum and Colosseum away from the tourists, and when it drizzles, you can always seek shelter in one of the Italian cafes. Also, have you tried an Italian gelato when you are already cold? If not, book cheap flights to Rome to find out.

11. Barcelona


Empty streets do have the capability to entertain you more. Barcelona hosts the best exhibitions of the year towards the end. Winter here would see dry days and azure skies, but the effect is good for a visitor. If not for the weather, visit this city for its wild mushrooms that spring up during winter and because you can actually get a good glimpse of local ambiance at the Boqueria Market.  Why not get cheap flights to Barcelona and see the Catalan way of living this year end?

12. Vienna


If you love Christmas and everything that comes with it, book cheap flights to Vienna already. The city is one of the most affordable in Europe and is sprinkled with snow in winter. Everything in Vienna looks a lot more attractive from the street markets to cafes.

13. Nicosia


Winter in Nicosia isn't a gloomy affair at all. Cyprus receives sunshine almost for 340 days in a year, and that definitely includes most of the winter months too. Nicosia has many sights that could keep you contained during your visit, and is worthy of a vacation particularly for its shining sun. Being part of two countries, the cross-cultural ambiance is a significant attraction of this city. Apart from being just a beach destination, you can even take part in outdoor activities like hiking here during winter.

14. Valletta

Valletta Malta

Valletta Malta is one of the most beautiful harbor cities in Europe. The medieval charm doesn’t dull during the cold months either. From the city walls, the ocean glows in the winter sun, and the historical city couldn’t hope for better weather to entertain travelers. As the 2018 European Cultural Capital, even the last months are sure to be eventful.

15. Amsterdam


The season and month don't really matter to look for cheap flights to Amsterdam. You can get your party hat on here all year round, every single day. Winter is crisp; the season is festive and just makes the allure even more stronger for this gorgeous city. Amsterdam would be a good choice to plan for a romantic trip in winter to wander along the canals.

16. Paris


Oh dear Paris, could she be any less appealing in the snowy months? Although you might be lucky to find snow in winter here, you don’t actually go to Paris for snow. The city will always welcome you with its glory, with glowing Christmas decorations and quirky Christmas markets. There is no shortage for Christmas spirit at the Eiffel Tower either. So cheap flights to Paris? Always a good idea.

17. Salzburg


Cities in Austria seems to have got their winter right. The squares in Salzburg are all filled with festive spirit and Christmas stalls that could make your heart fill with joy. During daytime, spend hours to enjoy the historic attractions of the city such as the Makartsteg bridge and the Mozart Residence before you head back to the Cathedral Square to soak in the magic of Christmas.

18. Lisbon


Portugal’s Lisbon is an engaging destination because of many reasons. For one, it is incredibly cheap for Europe and the second, it offers a reasonably good package for the prices you pay. This means the city is flooded with tourists during the other seasons. So in winter, you will have it with all its authentic essence to enjoy the museums, old quarters and the delicious food. If you are planning to get here, don’t wait for long to get cheap flights to Lisbon.

19. Dubai


Winter is the best time to be booking cheap flights to Dubai. It is excruciatingly hot in summer, and even in winter, the temperature might drop to be cold only at night. So November to February, the weather makes it much more comfortable to visit the tourist attractions and even enjoy outdoors without grilling yourself. But bear in mind that Dubai is unlike any other cities mentioned above, it is a world apart yet with the most astounding attractions made exclusively to cheer the visitors.

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